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Top Careers for the Coming Decade

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Thinking of making a career change or maybe tweaking your current one a bit? Maybe you’re considering going back to school or a little extra training to give your expertise an edge. Before you sign up for that online course or quit your day job, however, you might want to consider which way the job market […]

Summer, Kids and Working from Home

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If you have kids, you’re counting down the days until summer break. The kids themselves are undoubtedly excited about sleeping late and keeping their own schedules for the next couple of months. You, on the other hand, may feel more ambivalent. Even for parents, summer vacation can be a nice respite from getting kids to school, […]

How Far is Too Far to Commute?

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There are a ton of forum threads where people debate the merits and disadvantages of a long commute; it’s a common sticking point for accepting a new position or considering a move. Can I drive an hour-and-a-half each way for a year without losing my mind? Two years? Indefinitely? While most people eschew the idea […]


6 Signs of Micromanagement

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I was once told that managing people means giving up control of a project but maintaining responsibility for it’s being done properly. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? The stress of being responsible for something — possibly something big and expensive  — means that managers may want to maintain close scrutiny of their teams. Whether you’re the manager […]