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Top Careers for the Coming Decade

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Thinking of making a career change or maybe tweaking your current one a bit? Maybe you’re considering going back to school or a little extra training to give your expertise an edge.

Before you sign up for that online course or quit your day job, however, you might want to consider which way the job market is leaning and in which professions it’s projected to expand.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that, from 2018-2028, employment overall is projected to grow by 8.4 million jobs with the fastest growth in healthcare and related fields. Computer and mathematical occupations are predicted to grow by 12.7 percent, and,

Increasing use of mobile and connected devices will drive demand for application software developers, which is projected to experience employment growth of 25.6 percent.

But what professions, specifically, will be the most prolific in the coming decade?


In the healthcare arena, for family and general practitioners, 19,200 new positions are projected to arise. Nurse practitioners will in demand as well. Expect to see a rise in dentistry, too, with a predicted 25,700 new positions in the coming decade. Licensed practical and vocational nursing will experience an uptick, with 88, 900 new positions. Other rising healthcare careers include physician assistants, physical therapists and medical and health services managers. Registered nursing, however, is the place to be, with 438,100 new jobs predicted over the coming decade.


If healthcare isn’t your jam, look to technology. Computer systems analysts can expect 54,400 new jobs by 2026. The systems software development field will grow almost as much, by 47,100 positions. Computer and information systems managers will see expansion in their field as well, but the biggie is in applications software development with 255,400 new projected positions.


Education is also a growth industry these days. By 2026, the country will add around 76,800 new secondary school teachers, 60,000 new postsecondary health specialties teachers and a whopping 104,100 new elementary school teachers.

Skilled Labor

If you’re leaning toward working with your hands, you might consider the fact that plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters will see an increase of 75,200 new jobs. Construction management will add 44,800 more positions, and heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, 108,400 new spots.

Management and Sales

Wholesale and manufacturing sales reps will be in demand with 76,400 new j0bs. Services sales representatives will add 94,900 new positions to their ranks. In the coming decade, management, in general, will add 79,500 new job opportunities, with general and operations managers growing by an amazing 205,200 jobs.

Other Careers on the Rise

Other positions that will see growth in coming years: financial managers, accountants, auditors, management analysts, physicians and surgeons, market research analysts, marketing specialists and lawyers.

When it comes to starting a new career or fine-tuning your current one, follow your talent, follow your heart, but all the better if it can line up with one of these up-and-coming opportunities.


Image credit: Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash