How Far is Too Far to Commute?

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There are a ton of forum threads where people debate the merits and disadvantages of a long commute; it’s a common sticking point for accepting a new position or considering a move. Can I drive an hour-and-a-half each way for a year without losing my mind? Two years? Indefinitely? While most people eschew the idea […]

work life balance

What’s Your Work-Life Balance?

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Work/life balance is a buzz phrase thrown around a lot these days, and that’s a good thing. We’ve come a long way since the Industrial Revolution era of 12-hour, sweat shop shifts. Most of us would agree that paying some mind to your personal and family life makes for a happier, more content society all […]


6 Signs of Micromanagement

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I was once told that managing people means giving up control of a project but maintaining responsibility for it’s being done properly. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? The stress of being responsible for something — possibly something big and expensive  — means that managers may want to maintain close scrutiny of their teams. Whether you’re the manager […]

job search

The New, 2018 Job Search

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When you think about searching for a new job, there are tasks that immediately come to mind: update your resumé, search the job boards, maybe get in touch with some former connections that might be of service. These are aspects of the job search that haven’t changed over the past decades decades. But there are a […]